Handheld Data Entry Programs

Coastline Forestry Consultants have been designing custom hand-held data entry programs using Data Plus® Professional for several years.

Data Plus® Professional is a powerful application developed by Electronic Data Solutions that allows users to create custom data entry forms for a variety of hand-held devices. The data entry forms can be structured to use filtered lists, thus improving efficiency and accuracy. Custom programs can also be added to improve productivity.

Some examples for timber cruise data entry are:

  • Height and crown ratio calculator. The program calculates height based on slope distance, slope angle, base reading, and top reading. The user then enters the top reading to the base of the crown and both the total height and height to crown base are automatically calculated and entered into the appropriate fields on the screen.

  • Limiting distance. Using the BAF from the stand header, the program can easily compute the limiting distance based on its internal calculation of the plot radius factor times the diameter that is entered in the DBH field.

By automating calculations, the programs increase efficiency and accuracy while eliminating the need for the cruiser to carry a calculator in the field.

Coastline Forestry Consultants have designed data entry programs for a variety of uses including:

  • Timber cruise data entry for FPS.

  • Reforestation sampling data for FPS.

  • Road inventory collection.

  • Data collection for fuels/fire management.

  • Leave tree and RMA compliance with Oregon Department of Forestry rules.

For more information about Data Plus® Professional visit the Electronic Data Solutions website at http://www.elecdata.com/dataplus/index.html or contact us and we'll be glad to answer your questions.

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