Custom Database Programming

 Microsoft SQL Server

Coastline Forestry Consultants have been designing and programming custom Microsoft Access® databases since 1998. Access is an extremely useful program to manage complex data sets. If your spreadsheets are too unwieldy, or if they don't allow you to organize, analyze, and report your data the way you need to, then a custom Access database may be the solution to your needs.

We have also been designing SQL Server back end databases since 2005. There are occasions when SQL Server is the better choice for your database needs. Coastline Forestry Consultants is qualified to provide the technical support to help you make that decision as well as deliver the implementation.

Here is just a small list of the databases we have developed:

  • Log System to automate the process of importing log scaling information, paying contractors, invoicing customers, and reporting.

  • Road Inventory

  • FPS user interface for importing data from a hand-held device.

  • FPS user interface for compiling, growing, managing, and reporting on inventory information.

  • Stand Management Database for tracking activities on forest land such as logging, spraying, fertilizing, etc.

  • Tree Planting Database for tracking seedlots, seedlings, and harvest units.

  • Property Taxes.

  • Commercial lease property.

Microsoft Access® is flexible enough to handle any data organization task.

Contact us for a free consultation about your data management needs.

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